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The sun was setting on the horrid and demolished landscape, just another thought of the after math of that took place along with the battle that brought most creatures to sorrow that very same day. Many animals made their way around the deselent place, many bowing their heads and their realization of many loved ones gone and their home destroyed kicked into their futile minds. A few bird chirped happily here and there, singing their merry songs as they tried to make peace with the living and calm the dead into crossing over. It was all over, they only seemed to think, it was all finally over. The dismay, the hurt, the torture. Yes, it all seemed to be over. For the time being anyway.

There's A Place Off Ocean Avenue
Where I Used To Sit And Talk With You
We Were Both Sixteen And It Felt So Right
Sleeping All Day, Staying Up All Night
Staying Up All Night


Out of a large pile of stones and rubble, a large rock no bigger than a computer screen went flying into the air, a trail of smoke close behind it. Quadrupeds of all shapes and sizes went scattering in all different directions as the huge chunk of rubble landed with a shattering thud onto the broken ground, parts of such falling apart at the slightest touch. At the pile, a few stones moved as the body underneath wanted to escape, and instantly two hands appeared from where the rock had been blasted from, pushing away heavy objects any normal people would not be able to push aside without super human strength. A few motions and a few grunts later, a man with blue colored skin managed to make his way somewhat out of the rubble, his upper half only sticking out as he paused for a moment, sitting to rest as his eyes began to wonder.

"Dear Kami," the man muttered a hint of French accent in his voice.

His eyes didn't seem all that pleased, but his voice didn't seem all too happy either. His blonde hair seemed all in a bunch, dirt filling almost everywhere on it to make the contents look darker than the locks should have been. His dark blue face had a few streams of blood here and there, and as he managed to pick him self upward and out of the rocks, his armor was torn in different places, as if he had been hit really hard by a large blast. Yeah, that and a bunch of rocks that came flying at him when that bastard Goku began to power up. Wobbly, the man got to his feet, rocks falling around his broken boots as he picked up his feet, stumbling as he managed to lift his way out of the rubble that threatened to be his grave.

"Whoa!" he called in his accented voice as a rock caved under him, and he went felling to his rear as he slid down the small pile that now seemed almost too large to the natural eye. His nose crinkled as he grabbed one of the rocks and threw it with all of his might towards the side, – which wasn't all too far, really, due to his injuries – cursing under his breath. He was lucky that no one had saw him do that.

There's a Place on The Corner Of Cherry Street
We Would Walk on the Beach in Our Bare Feet
We Were Both Eighteen and It Felt So Right
Sleeping All Day, Staying Up All Night
Staying Up All Night

His eyes wondered upward as a few animals dared to come closer to the man, making him glance around almost too angrily at them before at his surroundings. Everything seemed gone, blasted away into oblivion, as if it were never there at all. Where had everyone gone? Oh, that's right. Naze and Doreen were dead, as far as he knew. Master Cooler? Still alive probably, even though he had gotten blasted away into outer space. The Changeling race was extremely strong like that, if you did not happen to know that. What about the Saya-Jin and his companions? Yeah, so they just happened to make it out safely. He had heard them speaking earlier when he woke up for only a moment for his slight daze though passed right back out before he could tell where they had gone. So he was all alone now then, huh? Yeah, he just had to go at the boy alone and let his comrades try and defeat the Namek alone. Yeah, he could have blasted that idiotic nimrod into a million pieces if he really wanted to. He was just lucky Master Cooler was there before he could-

"Huh?" the man said in a shocked tone, pulling his arm up from where some of the blood stained leather had stuck to his skin. There, a small doe stood, staring up at him with her dark eyes gleaming. The man made a noise of hate before yelling at the creature to shoo, swinging his arm at it to make it go away. Instantly, a shot of pain went through it, making him give a cry as he clutched his arm tightly against his chest. The small deer had scattered instantly behind it's mother for safety. "Stupid monkies," the blonde managed to mumble as the pain slowly faded away, though he still clenched his teeth tightly together from the pain.

The man gave a shakful sigh as his eyes wondered around the area for the last time. The thought of going back to the - hopefully - not destroyed ship to at least get some new armor on his wounded body. The armor he was wearing wouldn't help him for long, and he and his comrades had ran out of medical supplies a few weeks ago. They were planning to get some more at the next planet that they went to, but never really came around to it. Ah well, maybe the nimrods on this planet had medical supplies that he could hopefully use. It just depended on how much they cost. Well, if this planet was smart enough to have any currency at all, that is. The life forms seemed intimate in making any supplies for their own good, anyway.

With a drowsy sigh, Sauza slowly peeled him self off of the rock he sat on, managing not to fall on his ass again as his feet touched the ground in a soft thud. Many of the animals not left the man and were standing around scattered away, making him smirk in amusement to them. They were so pitiful, the animals on this planet. Though they did seem to outrank the humans, did they not? His golden eyes looked to scan the horizon where the ship was thought to have been. Not seeing much of anything except a few detections with his scouter, he knew this was gonna be a bummer. Ah, well, he knew he had to start limping if he wanted to make it there before dark. This was going to be a long journey there, right?

If I Could Find You Now Things Would Get Better
We Could Leave This Town and Run Forever
Let Your Waves Crash Down On Me and Take Me Away


Well, the ship still seemed to be in tact from when they got to this wrenched planet only yesterday. That was a plus on that scale, to say the least. Some of the animals had witfully followed the blue skinned man to his destination, as if wondering what a limping man like him would be doing in a place like this. Sauza was lucky enough to have his pass actually working along with the ship, mostly because it was not damaged due to it being mostly as far away from the battle scene as possible. That made the corner of his mouth twitch with humor to think that the dirty Sayain didn't think of destroying it before he left. I mean, if he was that strong, he could have done it him self, correct?

Sauza scrunched his nose as he managed to try and limb him self up on the ramp, the small birds and little quadrupeds staying their distance as the watched the weary fighter make his way into the strange contraption, disappearing from site. There were a few glances, it seemed to be, between the small creatures, before many decided to go find shelter before night had set in. It didn't look like the man would be coming out too soon..

We're Looking Up At The Same Night Sky
And Keep Pretending The Sun Will Not Rise
Be Together For One more night
Somewhere, Somehow
Whew! This one was sort of a toughie! Can't beleive I actually got this done, really. Well, the ending isn't what I had expected, but once I find out what episodes ninty-nine through one o' two are about, I'll get the next chapter up. And no worries, it won't take too long! Hopefully....

Plot: After defeating the mighty Cooler coming to Earth to revenge his brother along with his Armored Force Squadrom, tired and battle weary Goku manages to make his own way home after his long and hard fought battle with his best friend and his son. But that isn't the story that we're looking at. What the three Z Fighers didn't know was that they missed a villain, hidden in the rocks and waiting for the three to leave; Sauza's still alive! Where will this lead to? And will the Z Fighters find out before it's too late? And what will Sauza think after he finds out that his team and so called master have been destroyed?

Disclaimer: I do not own any Dragon Ball Z. That Japanese dude whose name I can't pronounce nore spell does. So credit him for the characters and places. The ideas for the story are all mine, though. =P Well, in some parts, anyway.
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Don't tell me I missed this??? Damn! I gotta start looking at fics more ^^; this is very cool!!! ^^ I can't wait to see he next part ^^
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Lol, thanks. Just got to get around to the apperantly entertaining next part... =P
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